Literature. Artwork. Music. A fairytale for adults. 

High upon a secluded hilltop overlooking the roaring waves of the ocean below lives The Dentist. He is married to the very beautiful Hygienist, and they have a brilliant son named Crown. The Dentist has the life he has always envisioned, but it wasn't always so, and it is about to be challenged again...

The Dentist and The Toothfairy is a haunting story about a dentist's struggle between the man he once was and the man he wants to be, a cloaked figure that forces him to face his turbulent past, and his duel with love. A fantasy graphic novel set in a world ruled by militia men, tilled by country-dwellers, protected by fairies, and and lured by temptresses, this story twists and turns, until it culminates into a climactic life or death decision.

This collaborative effort of literature and paintings turned into illustrations is the first for author Dorota Skrzypek and famed Montreal artist Jerome Prieur. The illustrations are a modern industrial interpretation of gothic art and the story flows like a fairytale yet tackles adult themes of love, loss, revenge, and redemption. Having received honorable mention for outstanding book of the year best book arts craftsmanship at the 2006 Independent Publisher Book Awards, The Dentist and The Toothfairy is a timeless masterpiece; a romance graphic novel that is an impressive coffee-table book.

To learn more about Dorota and Jerome visit their blog: Dark Love Books.


Love haunts us all...

The Dentist and The Toothfairy